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Fall Alllergies on the rise in Long Beach, NY and Garden City, NY – see your ENT doctor

Ah – the end of September! With the sudden dip in morning temperature, chill in the air, and leaves suddenly on the ground – it is fall. And with autumn, comes fall allergies. If you are having

*nasal congestion
*drippy nose

See an ENT. As ear, nose and throat doctor’s we are here to help. At Evergreen ENT, we are available at 4 locations (Long Beach, NY, Garden City, NY, Rosedale, NY, Inwood,NY). We would be happy to help you fight nasal allergies!

Expanding sinus infection knowledge in Garden City, NY and Long Beach, NY

There is so much to know about sinuses and so much confusion to clear up! Recently, I have started using e-newsletter to educate patients on Ear, Nose and Throat topics. Using this outreach modality has allowed me to continuously strive to increase the “ENT knowledge bank” of my patients so that they can take better ENT care of themselves and their loved ones.

Recently, I sent an Ear, nose and throat e-newsletter to my patient is Long Beach, NY, Garden City, NY, Island Park, NY and Inwood, NY focusing on sinus disorders. Here are a few highlights:
Eating the following can improve sinus health and decease infections:
1. Raspberries
2. Blueberries
3. Pineapples

Please contact us by phone at 516-431-0700 and give us your email if you would like to be added to our ENT e-newsletter. Happy ENT learning!

Summer in Long Beach, NY

Ah summer! With the boardwalk under constructions many of my patients have taken to going directly to the beach. As the summer sun beats down, be sure to remember that dust and debris is still floating around town. With construction on going, pulverized sheet rock, foundation material and insulation material is flying around.

When tiny particles of dust remain in your nose inflammation can occur. This swelling leads to sinus drainage problems and sinus infections can occur. If you are experiencing headaches, facial pressure or chronic fatigue it may be sinusitis. We can help! Call our office for a thorough sinus/nasal evaluation and together we will work to your achieving a better quality of life.

Nasal Infection? Long Beach, NY ENT takes on sinus congestion and pressure.

The weather in Long Beach and Garden City, NY has been a bit crazy. One day it is 70 degrees the next 90 and the next torrential rain. All of these rapid changes in temperature and humidity can put a lot of stress on the nasal tissues leading to sinus pressure and nasal congestion. When nasal swelling continues, nasal infections (aka sinusitis) can develop. If you are experiencing continued facial pain, pressure, nasal pressure, sinus pressure or sinus headache it is time to see an ENT doctor.

At Evergreen ENT, we are here to serve the Long Beach, Island Park, Oceanside and Garden City, NY communities. Using the latest diagnostics and technologies, we will take on your most severe nasal/sinus pressure. We would be happy to help you put nasal infections behind you!

Sneezing? Allergies are here in Long Beach, NY and Garden City as well as all over Long Island.

Have you noticed the sudden uptick in allergies over the past 2 weeks? In Long Beach and in Garden City, NY the allergy situation has really been quite remarkable. In fact, there were so many airborne allergy particles last week that I could not find my car as it was completely covered in pollen. So aside from just “living” with sneezing fits and nasal congestion what is someone to do? Here are a few tips to keep you on track during the allergy season.
1. Try to limit outdoor exposure if you have severe allergies
2. Seek medical treatment/guidance from an ENT specialist
3. Use your prescribed medical nasal sprays on a regular basis
4. Make nasal saline your new best friend. By constantly spraying your nose with saline, you will rinse out the allergens before they cause excess congestion.

Remember, make an appointment with an ear, nose and throat specialist if you have allergies. I have been happy to help numerous patients in the Long Beach, NY and Garden City, NY areas to lead happier and healthier lives. Here is to a wonderful spring/summer!

The Magic of In-Office Sinus Procedures – Sinus Problems can be overcome.

The last time I experienced a sinus infection, it felt like someone opened up my head and poured concrete in there. Needless to say, it was not a fun experience. Now, I have the privilege to care for patients who suffer from such sinus problems and alleviate their suffering.

Balloon sinuplasty is an in-office procedure for patients with recurrent sinus problems or for patients with one episode of prolonged sinus congestion/infection. It can be done in the office and takes about 2 hours. The procedure involves numbing the nose and using tiny balloons to perform a minimally invasive procedure to open up the clogged sinus drainage passageways.

Here is what my last patient had to say about the procedure:
“Dr. Shah, I am a changed person because of the balloon sinus procedure. I can sleep at night and I feel fantastic. I have more energy and I have not had ONE sinus infection since the procedure. Thank you so much.”