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Allergies are here in Long Beach, New York

Walking on the boardwalk, the breeze is blowing and the sun is hitting the water.  Bliss!  But aside from the spectacular view, allergens are blowing around.  Yes, that is right.  Little tiny bits of allergens are swirling around, going up your nose and down into your throat and lungs.

From mid September to early November, many patients suffer with allergies, both in my Long Beach, NY office and in my Garden City, NY office.  However, many more people suffer needlessly.  If you have a stuffy nose, phlegm, throat clearing or sneezing, come see us in either our Long Beach, NY or Garden City office locations.

We offer the most advanced diagnostics and treatment plans (including natural therapies, if appropriate).  We can get you (and your nose) back on track!

Ear, nose and throat and Allergies in Long Beach, NY

Most people don’t realize it but we are exposed to thousands of potential allergens each day.  In some people, these allergens trigger an excess response and can lead to nasal congestion, post nasal drip and phlegm.  In Long Beach, NY we have extra allergens due to the unique micro climate of being so close to the ocean coupled with the great amount of rebuilding of homes and business after the hurricane.

Some of the more common allergens are dust mites, mold, pollen and ragweed.  As ear, nose and throat specialists, we can swiftly and accurately diagnose nasal allergies and give you treatment that will work right away.  In some cases, avoidance and nasal washes may be all that is required to rid you of your nasal congestion and allergy issues.

Most people are under the impression that they need to see an allergist to diagnose allergies.  Ear, nose and throat specialists also care for patients with allergies and in addition to offering the latest in medical management, we can provide surgical options (if needed) as well.

So if you are in the Long Beach, NY or Garden City, NY area and are experiencing ear, nose and throat allergies, see us.  We would be happy to care for you.

Feeling Foggy? Tired? It could be allergies and sinus troubles!

Yes!  Spring is finally here.  As flowers bloom, pollen flies making it difficult for so many of my Long Beach and Garden City, N.Y. patients to enjoy the outdoors.  The past week has been terrible for sinus and allergy sufferers; but don’t despair — we can help.

First, don’t ignore allergies.  Many patients reach for over the counter remedies but BEWARE a number of these are addictive if used for more a few days.

Second, make an appointment with an ENT (ear, nose and throat) specialist.  On Long Island we get a short burst of spring, with that comes a torpedo of allergens.  If you are near the Garden City or Long Beach areas we have 4 locations close to you.

Third, once given medicines to combat your allergies use them as the your ENT prescribes.  Many patients use nasal sprays for allergies or sinus disease but don’t follow through leading to a resurgence of problems.

We can help!  Untreated allergies are a prime factor in decreased quality of life.  As an ENT in Long Beach and Garden City, I vow to get you back on track so you can enjoy the Long Beach boardwalk or the Garden City parks anytime.

Attention Long Beach Asthmatics – You may have allergies!

Many of my patients with allergies also have asthma.  Did you know that there is medical reason for this association?  Asthma and allergies are both caused by inflammation and there is a common step in the immune pathway that can trigger both asthma and allergies. So if you have asthma, you may have allergies as well.

Unfortunately, many patients do not know about this common association.  Untreated nasal allergies (even minor ones) can lead to increase nasal congestion, post nasal drip, which in turn can trigger worsening asthma.  Long Beach, NY has unique allergens as it gets direct ocean breezes.

If you have asthma, you should be seen by an ear, nose and throat specialist.  We are conveniently located in town and it would be our pleasure to help you enjoy the outdoors this spring – allergy free!

Spring Arrives in Long Beach, NY and Garden City, NY along with allergens

So long winter coats, hello dresses, baseball hats and flowers!  After the long dark days of winter, spring seems to finally be here!  Long Islanders are breathing in the spring air and listening to the wonderful sounds of birds chirping.  But as we know, spring on Long Island tends to be a tricky time.  It seems that all at once the pollen count jumps causing nasal congestion and itchy eyes!

One question I get all the time is when to see an allergist and when to see an ear, nose and throat specialist.  If you have nasal congestion, my advice would be to see an ENT specialist.  Using our specialized tools (including nasal endoscopes) we can see deep into the nose to determine which parts of the nose are congested.  ENT specialists can also determine if you have a sinus infection.

Garden City has an abundance of wonderful flowers leading to increased allergen counts, whereas Long Beach has different beach foliage and off the water winds leading to increased blowing/dispersion patterns.  If you get congestion, headaches or difficulty breathing see an ENT specialist.  With our advanced training and specialized tools, we will take care of your nasal congestion, sinus problems or snoring issues expediently!

All Green Things are Good – St. Patrick’s Day in Long Beach

As mother nature hits us with one last winter storm, my thoughts turn to the hopefully warmer weeks ahead.  Four leaf clover and leprechauns dance in my head – it must be St. Patrick’s Day!

Long Beach has long had a vibrant and fun-filled St. Patrick’s Day parade.  But as you head outside and don all things green remember that green can be wonderful year round (especially when you eat green foods).

A patient recently asked me what she should eat to try and combat sinus disease.  I told her to go for the green.  Eating spinach, broccoli rabe and kale are good not only for your overall health but have also been shown to be efficacious in combating sinus issues.

Remember to add eucalyptus to a warm bath or place a few drops into a warm water steam bath for more targeted sinus relief.  So this St. Patrick’s day go out there and celebrate in the streets of Long Beach.  Remember to wear green and eat green.  At Evergreen ENT we are just around the corner in Long Beach should you need us.

Have a happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Love your sinuses this Valentine’s Day at Dr. Shah’s Long Beach Ear, Nose and Throat office

Happy Valentine’s Day!  As you buy gifts for your special someone remember to take care of yourself too!  This Valentine’s Day come check out our newest technologies/advances/holistic therapies at Evergreen ENT’s office in Long Beach, NY and Garden City, NY.

With our latest treatments you will come to love your sinuses as we work with you toward optimum sinus and nasal health.  We will help you embrace your ear, nose and throat and partner with you to tackle even your most stubborn allergies, congestion, sinus, and throat infections.

We are available in our Long Beach, NY to provide ear, nose and throat services on Saturday’s as well.  So call us and make an appointment.  We can be reached at 516-431-0700 and learn to love YOUR sinuses this Valentine’s Day!

Long Beach, NY ENT specialist receives Evolve Award

Dr. Shah was awarded the Evolve Award for her exceptional patient outcomes with balloon sinuplasty.

Dr. Shah said, “I am thrilled to receive this honor for balloon sinuplasty. My patients are living healthier lives and they are able to breathe better. Long Beach, NY and Garden City, NY residents deserve the best in ENT care and I am happy to be provide that type of cutting edge care/services to them.”

Dr. Shah is an ear, nose and throat specialist with expertise in sinus disease. She focuses on minimally invasive sinus procedures. Her work has been published in numerous journals. She practices in Long Beach, NY and Garden City, NY.

ENT in Long Beach embarks on educating her peers on minimally invasive procedures

Dr. Shefali Shah, a prominent ENT in Long Beach is now spreading the word and teaching her ENT peers balloon sinuplasty. Dr. Shah was one of the first ear, nose and throat specialists to offer this minimally invasive procedure in her office.
“I am thrilled to educate my ENT colleagues on the benefits of balloon sinuplasty. It is my hope that they will them be able to offer it to their patients as well.”, Dr. Shah said.

Balloon sinuplasty is an in office procedure for patients with chronic or recurrent sinus issues. It is Dr. Shah’s passion to help those with sinus problems. Her results have been truly exceptional. If you are suffering from chronic fatigue, headache, facial pain or pressure contact Dr. Shah office to schedule a consultation.

Long Beach, NY and Garden City, NY residents take note: Headache alone can be a sign of sinus disease

Headaches can be the ONLY sign of sinus disease leading many patients on a wild goose chase until they finally see an ear, nose, and throat physician. We have four sets of sinuses in our skull. When there is infection in the sphenoid sinus some patients will only get dull headaches. Unfortunately, many patients see multiple other doctors and end up frustrated and tired before they see and ENT.

Only ENT physicians have the special tools and training needed to visualize this sinus. By using small lights/cameras we can see deep into the sinuses and make the diagnosis saving time, energy, missed days from work for our patients.

If you are experiencing dull headaches make an appointment to see an ENT specialist. Let us partner with you towards better sinus health!